• About Me

    About Me


    Finding the right therapist isn’t easy.

    You’ve looked at profile after profile and website after website. After a while, they all start to look the same and you wonder if it’s just too much work.

    I want this page to be a little different.

    Sure, I’ll tell you about all of my degrees, training, and experience that I bring to the table, but the real issue here is whether you and I will work well together. Hopefully I can begin to help you answer that.

    Let’s talk about YOU.

    I know this is the “about me” page, but ultimately this is about you. Finding a therapist that fits your particular needs and works well with you is way more important than my resume.

    The clients that get the best results from therapy with me are those that come ready to put in the effort. They’re highly motivated even if they’re running close to empty when it comes to hope.

    That’s where I come in. My job isn’t to fix everything through the “magic” of therapy. My job is to help you find the hope you need to do the required work so you can get on with living life the way you imagined it.

    Most of my clients appreciate the fact that I’m highly interactive in therapy, and I’ve been known to be, let’s say, straightforward. In other words, I won’t sugarcoat things just to keep you in therapy.

    So if you’re the kind of client that is highly motivated to get to the root of the problem in order to get yourself out of the old patterns that aren’t working anymore, then there’s a pretty good chance we’ll work well together.

    Most of my clients also appreciate that I’m fluent in both emotions AND cognition. Why is that important? Because in most couples, things get lost in translation. One partner speaks from the heart, and the other speaks from the head. I’ll help you learn to translate both so you can be more effective in solving the problems that come up in life.

    Now for the boring stuff.

    Since 1997, I have worked with individuals, couples, adolescents, families, and groups in various therapeutic settings.

    I am a 1995 graduate of Harding University with a degree in Youth and Family Ministry.

    I went on from there to Abilene Christian University and received a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in 1997.

    I spent the next eight years in full-time ministry in West Texas which included working with Single Adult Ministry, Divorce Recovery, Grief Recovery, Family Ministry, and Youth Ministry. Along the way, I provided individual, couple, and family therapy in a pastoral setting.

    While in Lubbock, I also served as an adjunct faculty member at Lubbock Christian University.

    After getting severely burned by “church politics,” I spent the next four years teaching some amazing high-school students at Dallas Christian School in Mesquite, Texas.

    I opened Green Counseling Services in Rockwall, Texas in 2010, and I have served families of all shapes and sizes through my private practice both in Rockwall and in Amarillo. In 2019, my family relocated to Jenks, Oklahoma and I am continuing my work through my private practice in Tulsa as well as online.

    I am licensed by the States of Texas and Oklahoma as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

    Professional affiliations include: Clinical Fellow of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

    I have also been trained as a Life Coach, PREPARE/ENRICH, PREP and CPREP, as well as hundreds of hours of continuing education over the past 26 years.

    I refer to myself as a “practical integrationist” when it comes to therapy. That means I pull from several models of therapy to do what’s best for the client in front of me at the time. No cookie cutter approach here!

    While much of what is done in therapy involves assisting clients with their symptoms, I believe that there are often much larger issues that can be addressed in the process. My goal is to provide a space for those deeper conversations that can lead to transformation.

    I tend to think about things differently. Because of that, it seems difficult to give an accurate description of myself in this format. My passion is helping people live into a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them which can change the trajectory of their story and the stories of those around them for generations. This has taken my own story in several interesting directions, and I’m looking forward to even more twists in the story as time goes forward.

    If you really want to get to know me, spend some time with my family! I’ve been married to Angela for 28 years now and we have two amazing young men, Taylor (22) and Austin (19). I truly am grateful to spend my life with these three people. When I’m not doing work or family stuff I love to spend time on the golf course, traveling, or just reading a good book. I love being outdoors whether that’s participating in sports or just exploring new territory.

    I’ll look forward to sharing more if and when we get a chance to visit.